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    >>Click here to see our newest free theme<< Welcome to Easy WAHM Websites. We know how hard it is to get started online and how it can cost you in time and money. We have streamlined the process for you by putting together content filled websites to give you an internet boost.

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    squidoo lenses for sale

    You can buy a website that is completely ready to go. We have top notch domain names, word press designs, and content that has been started for you. You will be able to update immediately just by logging into the WordPress content management system. We will even teach you how to use the easy WordPress program that your site is built through. It is very easy and you will be able to update as frequently as you'd like. Besides being easy to use, this software is free no matter what hosting you choose.

    Most people think of WordPress as a blog only program. However, it is an incredible (CMS) content management system. The potential is unlimited. You can create content content filled sites easily. Additional pages and shopping carts can be integrated quickly. If you have a DS shopping cart already, then we can have your shopping site up in a matter of minutes. Just click on the shop that flows the smoothest with your business and we'll get you off and running.

Special Deals from us to you!

This is our newest Wordpress theme and was designed with virtual assistants and transcriptionists in mind. Sales of this theme are limited to 25 copies and there is a special bonus included!

Transcription or VA Wordpress Theme PLUS BONUS: Access to Transcription Crash Course! $17.00

Major Credit Cards and Paypal are accepted here. You will be redirected to download the theme immediately after your payment is processed.
BONUS: Access to Transcription Crash Course is included free! When you unpack your blog theme you'll find a folder named "BONUS" which will include an access pass to Transcription Crash Course. It's fast and easy to get access to the full report and all of it's bonuses as well. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide will show you the exact steps I took to get my own transcription business started. For more information about the course check out The Wordpress theme features..... Top navigation for pages with dropdown list for subpages. Top navigation for categories with dropdown list for subcategories. A folder full of social media icons in the images directory that you can use in your sidebar to link to your favorite social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. A customized RSS feed subscription image for the sidebar. Comment count bubble on the home page to show off your most popular discussions. About section in the sidebar that automatically fills from the user settings info. (can be removed easily if you don't want to use it.) Easy to edit reserved spaces for banner or adsense advertising. Post divider on the home page to visually break up the content. Breadcrumb trail navigation on the single post pages for easy browsing.

About Val & Loretta at Easy Wahm Websites

For the last two years Loretta and I have worked on what business we wanted to do together. Here and there we'd harass each other from cross country. We are notorious for our late night chats and never really get into it until around 1am EST. One night at the beginning of Aug. 2007 it all finally fell together. For better or worse we had it. I'd been harping on Retta for the last few months to create WP templates for free and sale and I'd been creating sites with content.

When I finally sold a couple of sites out of necessity it dawned on us that there are a lot of women out there that are in need of sites, but don't know how to start. Easy WAHM Websites was born. We've been there and done that with many different programs and many years of SEO and marketing. We'll get you started in the right direction without breaking the bank. Then we'll also give you the resources to keep it going and make the money you have been hoping for while working at home. The quality time you put in is up to you of course, but we will give you the tools to get running.

Loretta is an incredibly successful web owner and an especially incredible blogger. With well received sites such as Stitching the Night Away and her main blog Gadget Girl she has helped people in specific niches. Niches are where it is at and if you find yours then you will be more apt to succeed.

Val is a personal trainer that has developed a great online wellness site at Busy Momma Wellness. Focusing on Mom's has created her niche in women's fitness,women's nutrition and other women's health issues. Blogging of course is also her passion as any WP user will vouch. As soon as she had found WP and it's ease of use she wished she had used it for all her sites. This is yet another reason why WP will be used for the benefit of EZ Wahm Websites clients. It's a simple, easy, program to get you going today and adding content everyday. You can view more wahm resource and blogging by Val at Working WAHM.

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This is our newest WordPress theme and was designed with virtual assistants and transcriptionists in mind. Sales of this theme are limited to 25 copies and there is a special bonus included! Transcription or VA WordPress Theme PLUS BONUS: Access to Transcription Crash Course! $17.00 Major Credit Cards and Paypal are accepted here. You will [...]

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