Organize Your Work at Home Business with Basecamp

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Client and project management can be challenging when running your work at home business and trying to keep track of several different projects at once.

Basecamp, a web-based project collaboration tool, may be the answer to your problem. It will allow you to share information with your team, while also keeping your documents, discussions and schedules in one place at all times and much more.

Used by small business owners, banks, schools, wedding planners, internet marketers and more, Basecamp can bring harmony and organization to work at home business.

A recent customer service satisfaction survey found, 94 percent of Basecamp customers surveyed, said they would recommend the software to friends, co-workers and family.

My Work at Home Journey

I left the corporate world five years ago to start my own work at home business as a writer and editor. I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made, for both me and my family. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t faced many challenges – from project/task management, client management and of course time management.

After talking to friends and clients they suggested using Basecamp. While it sounded like the perfect solution, I was dreading the learning curve. You see, I tend to be technology challenged – the easier the program, the happier I am.

Within one year of starting my work at home business, I had five writers working for me. As you might imagine, without proper organization, there was plenty of room to forget a deadline or confuse which writer was working on which project.

After reading several Basecamp reviews I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? Having too many projects to juggle is a good thing for business. Surely more moms wish to have such a dilemma.

An Overview of Basecamp Functions

Basecamp gives users the basic tools needed to post messages, tasks, and schedules. Users can be added and removed quickly. Creating new projects is just as easy.
The program is customizable which basically means you can make the interface look how you want it too.

You can assign tasks to team members no matter where they are located – in the same room, in another state or perhaps across the country.

Basecamp makes file sharing simple for both team members as well as clients.

Message Boards help to keep everything neat and organized in one space, while also keeping everyone on the same page.

The Basecamp sidebar is helpful as it shows you all active projects. Just click the hot-linked title of your project and you’re inside that specific project.

Time Tracking can be very useful also as you can track how much time has been spent on a particular project and by whom. You can run individual reports by date range or totally aggregate time across all projects. The Milestones tab allows you to set markers for progress and does so through a calendar.

There is also a “People and Permissions” tab that allows project managers to add profiles that are other companies and adjust the permissions per project. This function is used for managers who outsource or contract for components of the project as it allows you to control permissions down to the individual level.

Another function sure to make some people happy is that a variety of iPhone apps work with Basecamp including third-party billing/invoicing tools, time tracking tools, widgets and more. I’m a BlackBerry fan personally but I am still able to log in on the go and check up on my projects and more.

If you still aren’t sure how Basecamp can help your work at home business, let us explain further by giving a working example. For instance, if you own a freelance writing company that works with contracted writers on client projects, Basecamp can definitely help to organize your projects. You can assign specific writers to specific projects and track their time, progress, completion and more.

Basecamp Pricing & Options

Basecamp Free – 1 project total, doesn’t allow uploading.
Basecamp Basic – $24/month – 15 projects, 3 GB storage, unlimited users.
Basecamp Premium and Max are also available for larger groups.

Basecamp offers a free 30 day trial so you can take it for a test drive and see if will help you to successfully organize your business.You owe it to yourself, at the very least; to take it for a test drive and see if helps you to organize your projects.

The more organized you are, the more productive you will be and in turn you will get back more of your time.

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About The Author

Cara Moore is a freelance writer that loves offering work at home mom’s tips and advice to take their business to the next level. She also contributes to various work at home guides that offer information about things like starting your own virtual assisting business and getting a work at home paralegal career.

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